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What BALDOWER is and what BALDOWER does

I'm Tobi Lessnow – DJ, musician and electronic beat baker. This is my electronica project BALDOWER.
I've been playing at conferences in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Linz. Here's the concept:

I bring along my compositions and beloved midi controllers. During the talks I record each speaker, extracting snippets: informative ones, funny or philosophical ones. Some of them drive the message of the talk straight home, some present a different angle. While the crowd is returning to their seats for the next talk I remix one of my compositions live, incorporating the extracted quotes.

Here is the sequence of the audience’s reaction:

  1. "OK, he's adding some samples to the music. Cool."
  2. "Interesting: the samples are a perfect fit for this conference. I like it."
  3. "Wait a minute: these samples are really close to the subject of the last talk. Where did he get them? I really like it."
  4. "Now I get it: these ARE samples of the previous speaker. This is awesome!"
It's a lot of fun for the attendees and the speakers - and for me too of course.

Additionally, there is the option of me composing a title song for the conference or providing mixes of the tunes after the event via the web – turning a talk into a song. A great souvenir for everyone. And obviously - if that's your preference - we can keep it plain and simple: no speaker-sampling, just music.

In any case: it gives me great pleasure to make a special event even more special.

Let The Music Play

Enough words. Let's listen to some music.

Theme Songs

Theme Song of the REACTOR London Opening

We Connect
Theme Song of the E-COMMERCE-CONNECT conference in Zürich

Conversion Summit
Theme Song of the CONVERSION SUMMIT conference in Frankfurt a. M.

Everybody Here
Theme Song of the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Düsseldorf

Conversion Hotel
Theme Song of the CONVERSION HOTEL conference in Cologne

Nightly Build
Theme Song of the NIGHTLY BUILD conference in Cologne

Theme Song of the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Berlin

Speaker Songs

I Have A Gap
featuring Brendan Dawes

Blank Page - Makin' It Super Fancy
featuring Rachel Nabors

How Happy Are You
featuring Stefan Sagmeister

The Only Way To Test A Theory
featuring Jon Burgerman


Let Me Explain

Twilight Traveller

The Full Monty

All available BALDOWER Remixes on Soundcloud

Visuals and Imagery

Here are some videos where I provided the music

Titles for the the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Düsseldorf

Titles for the NIGHTLY BUILD conference in Cologne

Titles for the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Düsseldorf

Recap for the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Düsseldorf

Recap for the BEYOND TELLERRAND conference in Düsseldorf

What People Tweet

A selection of Tweets
to give you a glimpse of the action

What People Say

"Love it - very funny to hear myself in this way."
Jon Burgerman

"When you're a speaker and you get recorded by him and five weeks later you get the song, you're like: this is awesome!"
Chris Heilmann

"This man deserves a medal."
Attendee via twitter

"I love that he is sampling bits of the talk, remixing them and blasting the results. Better than the new Daft Punk Album."
Meagan Fisher

"Hahahahahahah! This is hilarious! Thank you! Wonderful!"
Stefan Sagmeister

"Its truly a unique and amazing creation!"
Josh Brewer

"Hey Tobi! You were a vital part of making the conference awesome and memorable."
Chris Coyier

"It was cool & freaky"
Stacey Mulcahy

"We were greeted by a DJ, Tobi Lessnow (...)
I don’t know where he got the energy — or those moves — that early in the morning, but it was fantastic."
Lisa Larson-Kelley

"Eine Konferenz braucht kein WLAN. Ein DJ für die Pausen ist aber definitv eine gute Idee. Tobi Lessnow hat einen riesen Job gemacht!"
Martin Kohlhaas

"...nebst genialem DJ Tobi Lessnow..."
Susanne Studt

"Hinter den Turntables stand Tobi Lessnow. Er generierte während der Vorträge aus live mitgeschnittenen Sound-Samples der Sprecher und Loops jeweils einen Soundtrack, den er im Anschluss live performte, sehr toll!"
Markus Breuer/Kathrin Schiebler

"The DJ Tobi Lessnow records snippets of every talk and remixes them into individual songs that play during the breaks. Also, he created the theme song; a terrific ear worm that will be stuck in your head forever once you hear it."
Christoph Rauscher

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